NCAA Chapter Awards Honorary Membership To Captain Barnaby

ncaa chapter awards honorary
membership to captain barnaby

The Naval Air Development Center, Warminister, Pa. Chapter of the Naval Civilian Administrators Association recently awarded an honorary membership to Capt. Ralph S. Barnaby, USN (ret.). Captain Barnaby, now 87 years old, has had a long and intimate association with the Center and its civilian management personnel. In 1944, he became the first commanding officer of the Center when he was dispatched by the Navy Department with a small civilian staff to assume command of the failing Brewster Aircraft Company.

Captain Barnaby has continued to be active in his retirement. Currently he serves on the staff of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. For nearly 15 years he has headed the aeronautical work of the Institute's Research Laboratories and acted as the exhibits consultant to the director of the Institute's Science Museum.

As the first official act of his honorary membership and in keeping with established tradition of the NAVAIRDEVCEN Chapter, Captain Barnaby presented the 1980 Ralph S. Barnaby Award to Dino A. Mancinelli, associate technical director of NAVAIRDEVCEN.

The Naval Civilian Administrators Association is a national organization of senior level managers employed in Navy civil service. It is organized into 13 chapters located in seven Naval shipyards, three Naval aviation activities, the Naval Ships Engineering Command, and the Polaris Missile Facility/ Naval Weapons Station, Charleston.

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