MSC Seeks Bids To Operate Five Tankers

The Navy's M i l i t a r y S e a l i f t Command has issued a request for proposals (November 8) to operate five command-controlled tankers that deliver petroleum products worldwide for the Department of Defense.

The T-5 type tankers now are operated by Hudson Waterways Corp. of New York City under a contract initially awarded in October 1972. An extension to the original contract will terminate April 30, 1979.

Proposals submitted in response to the MSC industry-wide solicitation are due by December 28.

It is anticipated that an award will be made by April 16, 1979. While requesting offers for contractor operation of the five tankers, MSC also will submit its own sealed bid for Civil Service manning of the tankers. Submission of an offer in behalf of Civil Service mariners is in accord with administration contracting-out policy contained in Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76.

Normal Federal p r o c u r e m e n t policy calls for an award to the low bidder, who is responsive to the requirements and conditions set forth in the request for proposals. MSC also announced that it issued a similar request for proposals prior to November 30 for contractor operation of four Columbia- class tankers. The four tankers, all under long-term bareboat charter to the command, now are operated for the command by Cove Shipping, Inc. of New York City. The second request for proposals also will include a provision providing for submission of an offer in behalf of Civil Service manning. Ships involved are the USNS Columbia, Neches, Hudson, and Susquehanna.

MSC has 21 tankers in its nucleus fleet, all either Governmentowned or bareboat chartered for long-term periods. Eighteen of the 21 are currently contractor operated.

As of November 1, the Navy's sealift operating agency also has five privately owned tankers under charter for delivery of Department of Defense petroleum products. Another 11 tankers were under charter for movement of crude oil for the Department of Energy-sponsored S t r a t e g i c Petroleum Reserve Program.

Built between 1956 and 1959, the five T-5 tankers include the USNS Maumee, Shoshone, Yukon, and American Explorer, all Government-owned ships. The USNS Potomac is bareboat-chartered from Keystone Shipping Co.

of Philadelphia, Pa.

The Maumee, Shoshone and Yukon are all nearly 27,000 deadweight tons, and the Potomac ap- proximately 27,470 deadweight. The American Explorer is about 24,300 deadweight tons.

Further information concerning the request for proposals may be obtained from the MSC deputy contracting officer, Comdr. Ralph Q. Flint (202) 282-2671, or from George E. Rieber, Director of Special Projects and Systems Acquisition Division at (202) 282- 2834.

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